Zip Viewer Preview on iOS 11

It has never been easier to open archives on your iPhone or iPad.

Main Features

  • Open zip file attachments from your emails
  • Open from Cloud Drives (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, …)
  • Download from Safari
  • Push form other apps that offer a share/’open in’ feature.
  • Build-in file previewer which support file formats such as:

iWork documents – Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer) – Rich Text Format (RTF) documents – PDF files – Images – Public text files – Movie files

  • Share your Files via email or  pass through to other apps
  • Print via AirPrint
  • Store your files on any cloud drives

How to migrate your Data to Zip Viewer Pro?

This Guide shows you how easy it is.

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  1. George silva 3 years ago

    Muito bom

  2. Carlos Barbosa Gutierrez 3 years ago

    I dont have any password

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Passwords come with the files not with the app

  3. Carlos Barbosa Gutierrez 3 years ago


  4. Dick Copra 3 years ago

    same comment as Rachael September 2015. Can not get my zip files to view no matter how long I hold the button. Program just exits. If the file is not compliant could you not give some sort of status before program just dies?

    Bought program to see my son’s wedding pictures. Seems like a waste of money, hope I am wrong.

    • oliko 3 years ago

      file extension must be “.zip” Please check if that’s the case. White spaces also before the dot sometime can cause this issue. The open in dialog is controlled by iOS not be the app itself. You could also try to restart your iPhone.

      • Dick copra 3 years ago

        File is zip. Other programs were able to process this after I gave up. Could not be file type. Old school programmer, believe that you should always trap failures and give the user an error message – not just crash.

  5. Richard Cashmore 3 years ago

    I did think this was a great app but there is an update available and it is not allowing me to update. Each time i hit update it goes to start then flips straight back to update button. I use an iphone 6 on ios 9.1 Not very good when an app will not update.
    Can you please advise soonest!!!

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Should be working. Did you change your apple id? Try logout ans login again.

  6. mohammad 3 years ago

    Thank you for good product.

  7. Nikorah 3 years ago

    I can’t get my files to open, what am I doing wrong? I am on an iPad 4.

    • Nikorah 3 years ago

      Never mind, it suddenly started to work, thanks. It would be nice to have instructions to read like “hold the file down for several seconds to open”. Why do u have to press on it for so long? My other app that is similar opens right up with just a tap. .?? Thanks for the app!

      • Nikorah 3 years ago

        Ok, now it works by just tapping lightly on it., how weird is that? Sorry, I would delete my original question but I don’t see that option. The first file was quite large perhaps that’s what messed things up?

        • oliko 3 years ago

          Thanks. Glad to see that it’s working now.

  8. Mario 3 years ago

    Hi! Excellent app but is there a away to transfer directly images (s) from your app to image viewer app in my iphone6s. Thanks.

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Touch on the image to preview it. Touch the share button (upper right corner). Push save image. Then the image is in your photos app.

  9. Evan koehn 3 years ago

    I cannot open my zip email on my iPhone can you help?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Long press on the zip attachment in the email and the open in dialog shows up. Then choose Zip Viewer.

  10. Rachel Colenda 3 years ago

    I downloaded a zip file and it shows up as the only thing on the list in the app. When I click on it, however, nothing happens for a few seconds, then the whole app just cuts out back to my home screen. Every time. I am very frustrated. How am I supposed to access this file?????

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Does this happen to all zip files or just a certain? Either the file was corrupt or no regular PKZIP complient file.

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