Zip Viewer Preview on iOS 11

It has never been easier to open archives on your iPhone or iPad.

Main Features

  • Open zip file attachments from your emails
  • Open from Cloud Drives (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, …)
  • Download from Safari
  • Push form other apps that offer a share/’open in’ feature.
  • Build-in file previewer which support file formats such as:

iWork documents – Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer) – Rich Text Format (RTF) documents – PDF files – Images – Public text files – Movie files

  • Share your Files via email or  pass through to other apps
  • Print via AirPrint
  • Store your files on any cloud drives

How to migrate your Data to Zip Viewer Pro?

This Guide shows you how easy it is.

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  1. Majed 2 years ago

    Thank you

  2. Dave C 2 years ago

    AAAA+ This is a great app for my iPad . I take online bluegrass lessons and need to download the sheet music to my iPad . I was using Dropbox and it was a hassle because Dropbox could not open the files. I had to email them to my laptop and open the sheet music there. With Zip it takes just seconds to get the files and open them. I can store all the music there and keep it on my iPad. Now I don’t have to deal with Dropbox .

  3. Peter hammer 2 years ago


    I cannot open zip file which is sent by German Telekom containing my monthly invoice of phone usage.
    Do support these zip files and how can I use your product?
    Best regards
    Peter Hammer

    • oliko 2 years ago

      Standard PKZIP complient zip files should be working. Touch and hold on the zip file in the email and then choose zip viewer in the open in dialog to open the archive.

  4. Alistair Gray 2 years ago

    I am trying to open a zip file in Mail on iPadPro. When I touch and hold the zip icon nothing happens other than a black screen with the message ‘Loading’.

    Is there something I should know?

    • oliko 2 years ago

      May be a reboot will work. If zip viewer is installed it should be shown in the open in dialog. Does the app open directly?

  5. Dean 2 years ago

    I got the file over to the App. How do I get it to unzip the file


    • oliko 2 years ago

      Files are upziped automaticly. Push on the file and the content should be shown in the next view. Files must be standard zip

  6. John 3 years ago

    can you add an option to change the names of the folders?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      This is currently only supported in the pro version. But will be implemented in the next update of the free version as well.

  7. Laken 3 years ago

    I love you zip up backgrounds

  8. Meli 3 years ago

    How can i copy and paste it in another folder?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      This is not supported yet. You can only delete files or folders via edit button.

  9. Lee 3 years ago

    new zip viewer pro hangs on entry screen. Not usable.

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Try to re-install.

      • Lee 3 years ago

        All good. I think the problem was I didn’t know what to do on the opening screen. Like press the cloud icon to select the service I wanted to look at. doh!


        • oliko 3 years ago

          Thanks. Will build in more hints in the next version.

  10. Melissa 3 years ago

    Seems I have forgotten my password. How do I figure it out?

    Melissa Donop

    • oliko 3 years ago

      As this is stored in the file itself, not possible to figure out.

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