Zip Viewer Preview on iOS 11

It has never been easier to open archives on your iPhone or iPad.

Main Features

  • Open zip file attachments from your emails
  • Open from Cloud Drives (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, …)
  • Download from Safari
  • Push form other apps that offer a share/’open in’ feature.
  • Build-in file previewer which support file formats such as:

iWork documents – Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer) – Rich Text Format (RTF) documents – PDF files – Images – Public text files – Movie files

  • Share your Files via email or  pass through to other apps
  • Print via AirPrint
  • Store your files on any cloud drives

How to migrate your Data to Zip Viewer Pro?

This Guide shows you how easy it is.

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  1. sivane 12 months ago

    I changed phones (both are iPhones) and I downloaded the app again but it doesn’t sync my zip files from my old app. How can I sync the info?

    • oliko 12 months ago

      The files are only stored on the devices within the app and are not uploaded to a cloud service. Thus, syncing with other devices is not possible. However, if you just want to move all your files once to another device you can do this via iTunes. See the upgrade guide how it’s working.

    • oliko 12 months ago

      One additional note: It works with both versions of Zip Viewer. Pro as well as standard. So no need to buy the the Pro version if you haven’t done.

  2. Emily 2 years ago

    Hello! I decided to download this app in the hopes of being able to download a simple MP3 file, but the app keeps crashing shortly after selecting the file. Is this something that I can fix?

    • oliko 2 years ago

      The app is made for unzipping zip files and works only with regular zip files.

  3. John 2 years ago

    I installed this and reinstalled more time but it did not work. While Winzip free worked well. I do not why it cost us but no work? Did Apple app test before launch?

    • oliko 2 years ago

      You need to be more precise. The app is working as it should. Numerous other users confirmed this.

  4. Scott 2 years ago

    When I go to mail and try to open link in. The zip viewer icon is not there? Why is this? I have an iPhone 6s and on iOS 9.3

    • oliko 2 years ago

      I just tried with the lastest iOS 9.3.1. When you have an email with a zip file attached to it, you have to touch (and hold) on the file icon until the open in dialog appears. This dialog should show all apps that are able to work with zip files including “Zip Viewer”. May be that you have to scroll to the right. If you just normal touch on the icon iOS tries to open the fils itself. In some cases just the name is displayed. If that’s the case you could also touch on the share button in the upper right corner to get the open in dialog. But the long touch on the icon is the faster way.

  5. Kathy 2 years ago

    When I tried to use the zipor or isopropyl pro it keeps asking me for password and I put a password in there so I need to know the password

    • oliko 2 years ago

      Then the zip file is password protected itselfs. You need to enter this password. The app does not require a password by default.

  6. zat min thar 2 years ago

    See all zip files

  7. jamie 2 years ago

    How do I open and listen to zip file audio on app on my iPhone?

    • oliko 2 years ago

      unzip in Zip Viewer, touch on the audio file inside and start playing

  8. ersnotoltor 3 years ago

    By default the iPhone has issues with opening zip files, especially if the file includes something more than just a PDF. You can open a zip file on your iPhone and use the files with a free app.

  9. Elena 3 years ago

    I wanted open a Zip File from an email and it’s asking for password. What password?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      The app is only asking for a password if the zip file itself is password protected. Ask the one who sent you the file.

  10. john 3 years ago

    Is there an easy way to transfer my files from the free version to the pro version?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      Yes, connect your iPhone or iPad to your mac (better USB) and open iTunes. Both versions free and pro need to be installed on your device. Go to the iTunes file sharing section (select you device in iTunes). Click on the free version and download (save as) the folder “workbooks”, which should have appeared in the box documents on “Zip Viewer” on you computer. Then click on the pro version and push the button add to, choose the (beforehand downloaded) “workbooks” folder. Important: choose “replace”, when the dial appears. Restart the pro app and the files should appear as in the free version. Note: If you have already files in the pro version this procedure will delete them.

    • oliko 3 years ago

      I added a quick guide, You’ll find here Zip Viewer Pro Migration Guide

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