The document review app. Preview your files and take notes simultaneously.

FileNotes is a note taking app that attaches plain text notes to any kind of files. Find the details  here.

Zip Viewer

One of the leading zip file viewer on the App Store. We strongly focused ease of use, performance and a handy user interface.

Open zip archives, browse through the archive structure, preview and share the content. Read more on Zip Viewer.

Zip to Mail

Create zip archive from your file in seconds. This is our perfect complement to Zip Viewer.

Create zip archives from different files in various stores. Read more

Baby Selfie Camera

Beautiful foto frames to create stunning baby announcement cards in a few seconds.

Read more

Deal Navigator

Find coupons, discounts and special offers on the web. Daily deals and updates.

Find your best deal in a large inventory of coupons and special offers. Read more


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