Create Zip Archives from your files on iPhone or iPad and send vial email or push to other apps such as dropbox, box, OneDrive, google drive …

Every file type can be imported in the Zip to Mail App. Every App that support the open in dialog can push files to Zip to Mail.

If you have installed the dropbox app on you device, you can directly open files from inside the Zip to Mail.

Directly access you camera roll from the app to import images, create a zip archive and send via email.

The app is designed to be easy to use and fast with focussing on creating zip archives.

Use Zip to Mail alongside with Zip Viewer to get the full experience of viewing and creating zip archives. Zip Viewer is also available for free on the App Store.

  1. Carolyn 2 years ago

    I have an email sent to me that has a zip pic doc how can I get that pic to download with this app or find an app that will work so I can see he picture.

    • oliko 2 years ago

      Download “Zip Viewer” from the App Store. It’s free and you can open zip files and preview the content.

  2. Steve 4 years ago

    Is there a way to grab as many photos (highlight) 300 plus at one time then go back to your zip app and send it via email.?? Or do you have a app I can buy that enable me to zip 300 plus photos from my picture file at the time I’m there (it takes to long to pic one at a time ) and to email on a iPhone . The iPhone 6 does not have this option. Thanks

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Sorry, not yet possible. Will plan for future updates.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Now it’s supported. Update to the latest version 1.8

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