Zip Viewer Preview on iOS 11

It has never been easier to open archives on your iPhone or iPad.

Main Features

  • Open zip file attachments from your emails
  • Open from Cloud Drives (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, …)
  • Download from Safari
  • Push form other apps that offer a share/’open in’ feature.
  • Build-in file previewer which support file formats such as:

iWork documents – Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer) – Rich Text Format (RTF) documents – PDF files – Images – Public text files – Movie files

  • Share your Files via email or  pass through to other apps
  • Print via AirPrint
  • Store your files on any cloud drives

How to migrate your Data to Zip Viewer Pro?

This Guide shows you how easy it is.

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  1. kailovedesign 1 year ago

    Thank you. If I do this via iTunes, will I be able to move the files to my OneDrive account? Or is this only for moving to the pro version?

    • Author
      oliko 1 year ago

      All files are available on your desktop and your can move them to your location of choice.

  2. kailovedesign 2 years ago

    Hello, I have been using the Zip Viewer / Zip Archives app for a while. I would like to save all of the files that are in here to my OneDrive account. I have been trying and I cannot figure out how to move the files to my OneDrive (or any other place). Can you please tell me how I can do this? These files are very important to me and I need to clear up some space on my iPhone, and I would be devastated if I were to lose all of these files! I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. Have an amazing day!

    • oliko 2 years ago

      Hello, you can do this via iTunes. See the following link:
      Step 1 shows you how to download the files to you computer.

      • kailovedesign 2 years ago

        Thank you! So there isn’t a way to do it directly from my phone to OneDrive? I appreciate your help. I was just really hoping to do this without a computer! 🙂

        • Author
          oliko 2 years ago

          Bulk upload of the entire file structure to OneDrive is unfortunately not possible. Single files can be uploaded with the sharing button. But the OneDrive app needs to be installed on your phone.

          • kailovedesign 1 year ago

            Thank you. So the only way to do it without a computer is to do them one by one? I can’t even upload a single zip file? Just each file individually? Thank you for your help and patience. I just want to be sure I understand correctly. I really wish I’d known this prior to using the app as this is very inconvenient and time consuming. 🙁

          • kailovedesign 1 year ago

            I meant that is it correct that you are telling me that I have to upload each file individually to do it from my phone, and that there isn’t a way to select the zip files and upload those at once? Thank you!

          • Author
            oliko 1 year ago

            Sorry for the inconvenience. Will consider this in future versions. You cannot pick the zip files as these are treated as folders. So currently there’s no option to do this directly from the app. The only way is via iTunes on a computer.

      • kailovedesign 1 year ago

        Thank you. If I do this via iTunes, will I be able to move the files to my OneDrive account? Or is this only for moving to the pro version?

  3. kai 2 years ago

    I actually figured out how to save the files individually, is there any way to save them to a cloud without having to do it one by one? Like the entire zip file?

  4. kai 2 years ago

    Is there any way I can save files from zip archive to a cloud service? Or share them? If so, how?

  5. sivane 2 years ago

    I changed phones (both are iPhones) and I downloaded the app again but it doesn’t sync my zip files from my old app. How can I sync the info?

    • oliko 2 years ago

      The files are only stored on the devices within the app and are not uploaded to a cloud service. Thus, syncing with other devices is not possible. However, if you just want to move all your files once to another device you can do this via iTunes. See the upgrade guide how it’s working.

    • oliko 2 years ago

      One additional note: It works with both versions of Zip Viewer. Pro as well as standard. So no need to buy the the Pro version if you haven’t done.

  6. Emily 3 years ago

    Hello! I decided to download this app in the hopes of being able to download a simple MP3 file, but the app keeps crashing shortly after selecting the file. Is this something that I can fix?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      The app is made for unzipping zip files and works only with regular zip files.

  7. John 3 years ago

    I installed this and reinstalled more time but it did not work. While Winzip free worked well. I do not why it cost us but no work? Did Apple app test before launch?

    • oliko 3 years ago

      You need to be more precise. The app is working as it should. Numerous other users confirmed this.

  8. Scott 4 years ago

    When I go to mail and try to open link in. The zip viewer icon is not there? Why is this? I have an iPhone 6s and on iOS 9.3

    • oliko 4 years ago

      I just tried with the lastest iOS 9.3.1. When you have an email with a zip file attached to it, you have to touch (and hold) on the file icon until the open in dialog appears. This dialog should show all apps that are able to work with zip files including “Zip Viewer”. May be that you have to scroll to the right. If you just normal touch on the icon iOS tries to open the fils itself. In some cases just the name is displayed. If that’s the case you could also touch on the share button in the upper right corner to get the open in dialog. But the long touch on the icon is the faster way.

  9. Kathy 4 years ago

    When I tried to use the zipor or isopropyl pro it keeps asking me for password and I put a password in there so I need to know the password

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Then the zip file is password protected itselfs. You need to enter this password. The app does not require a password by default.

  10. zat min thar 4 years ago

    See all zip files

  11. jamie 4 years ago

    How do I open and listen to zip file audio on app on my iPhone?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      unzip in Zip Viewer, touch on the audio file inside and start playing

  12. ersnotoltor 4 years ago

    By default the iPhone has issues with opening zip files, especially if the file includes something more than just a PDF. You can open a zip file on your iPhone and use the files with a free app.

  13. Elena 4 years ago

    I wanted open a Zip File from an email and it’s asking for password. What password?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      The app is only asking for a password if the zip file itself is password protected. Ask the one who sent you the file.

  14. john 4 years ago

    Is there an easy way to transfer my files from the free version to the pro version?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Yes, connect your iPhone or iPad to your mac (better USB) and open iTunes. Both versions free and pro need to be installed on your device. Go to the iTunes file sharing section (select you device in iTunes). Click on the free version and download (save as) the folder “workbooks”, which should have appeared in the box documents on “Zip Viewer” on you computer. Then click on the pro version and push the button add to, choose the (beforehand downloaded) “workbooks” folder. Important: choose “replace”, when the dial appears. Restart the pro app and the files should appear as in the free version. Note: If you have already files in the pro version this procedure will delete them.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      I added a quick guide, You’ll find here Zip Viewer Pro Migration Guide

  15. Majed 4 years ago

    Thank you

  16. Dave C 4 years ago

    AAAA+ This is a great app for my iPad . I take online bluegrass lessons and need to download the sheet music to my iPad . I was using Dropbox and it was a hassle because Dropbox could not open the files. I had to email them to my laptop and open the sheet music there. With Zip it takes just seconds to get the files and open them. I can store all the music there and keep it on my iPad. Now I don’t have to deal with Dropbox .

  17. Peter hammer 4 years ago


    I cannot open zip file which is sent by German Telekom containing my monthly invoice of phone usage.
    Do support these zip files and how can I use your product?
    Best regards
    Peter Hammer

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Standard PKZIP complient zip files should be working. Touch and hold on the zip file in the email and then choose zip viewer in the open in dialog to open the archive.

  18. Alistair Gray 4 years ago

    I am trying to open a zip file in Mail on iPadPro. When I touch and hold the zip icon nothing happens other than a black screen with the message ‘Loading’.

    Is there something I should know?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      May be a reboot will work. If zip viewer is installed it should be shown in the open in dialog. Does the app open directly?

  19. Dean 4 years ago

    I got the file over to the App. How do I get it to unzip the file


    • oliko 4 years ago

      Files are upziped automaticly. Push on the file and the content should be shown in the next view. Files must be standard zip

  20. John 4 years ago

    can you add an option to change the names of the folders?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      This is currently only supported in the pro version. But will be implemented in the next update of the free version as well.

  21. Laken 4 years ago

    I love you zip up backgrounds

  22. Meli 4 years ago

    How can i copy and paste it in another folder?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      This is not supported yet. You can only delete files or folders via edit button.

  23. Lee 4 years ago

    new zip viewer pro hangs on entry screen. Not usable.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Try to re-install.

      • Lee 4 years ago

        All good. I think the problem was I didn’t know what to do on the opening screen. Like press the cloud icon to select the service I wanted to look at. doh!


        • oliko 4 years ago

          Thanks. Will build in more hints in the next version.

  24. Melissa 4 years ago

    Seems I have forgotten my password. How do I figure it out?

    Melissa Donop

    • oliko 4 years ago

      As this is stored in the file itself, not possible to figure out.

  25. George silva 4 years ago

    Muito bom

  26. Carlos Barbosa Gutierrez 4 years ago

    I dont have any password

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Passwords come with the files not with the app

  27. Carlos Barbosa Gutierrez 4 years ago


  28. Dick Copra 4 years ago

    same comment as Rachael September 2015. Can not get my zip files to view no matter how long I hold the button. Program just exits. If the file is not compliant could you not give some sort of status before program just dies?

    Bought program to see my son’s wedding pictures. Seems like a waste of money, hope I am wrong.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      file extension must be “.zip” Please check if that’s the case. White spaces also before the dot sometime can cause this issue. The open in dialog is controlled by iOS not be the app itself. You could also try to restart your iPhone.

      • Dick copra 4 years ago

        File is zip. Other programs were able to process this after I gave up. Could not be file type. Old school programmer, believe that you should always trap failures and give the user an error message – not just crash.

  29. Richard Cashmore 4 years ago

    I did think this was a great app but there is an update available and it is not allowing me to update. Each time i hit update it goes to start then flips straight back to update button. I use an iphone 6 on ios 9.1 Not very good when an app will not update.
    Can you please advise soonest!!!

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Should be working. Did you change your apple id? Try logout ans login again.

  30. mohammad 4 years ago

    Thank you for good product.

  31. Nikorah 4 years ago

    I can’t get my files to open, what am I doing wrong? I am on an iPad 4.

    • Nikorah 4 years ago

      Never mind, it suddenly started to work, thanks. It would be nice to have instructions to read like “hold the file down for several seconds to open”. Why do u have to press on it for so long? My other app that is similar opens right up with just a tap. .?? Thanks for the app!

      • Nikorah 4 years ago

        Ok, now it works by just tapping lightly on it., how weird is that? Sorry, I would delete my original question but I don’t see that option. The first file was quite large perhaps that’s what messed things up?

        • oliko 4 years ago

          Thanks. Glad to see that it’s working now.

  32. Mario 4 years ago

    Hi! Excellent app but is there a away to transfer directly images (s) from your app to image viewer app in my iphone6s. Thanks.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Touch on the image to preview it. Touch the share button (upper right corner). Push save image. Then the image is in your photos app.

  33. Evan koehn 4 years ago

    I cannot open my zip email on my iPhone can you help?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Long press on the zip attachment in the email and the open in dialog shows up. Then choose Zip Viewer.

  34. Rachel Colenda 4 years ago

    I downloaded a zip file and it shows up as the only thing on the list in the app. When I click on it, however, nothing happens for a few seconds, then the whole app just cuts out back to my home screen. Every time. I am very frustrated. How am I supposed to access this file?????

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Does this happen to all zip files or just a certain? Either the file was corrupt or no regular PKZIP complient file.

  35. Udo Krüger 4 years ago

    Additional information to my last post:

    The same behaviour occurred when using the Gmail app or at an iPad 3 with iOS 8.4.1.

    Best regards

    • oliko 4 years ago

      You have to touch and hold (long touch) until the open in Dialog appears. Then choose zip viewer from the app list.

      • Udo Krüger 4 years ago

        Thank you for this hint. With some attachments it woks, with other not. Even when the list of apps appears, the Zip viewer is missing.

        Best regards

        • oliko 4 years ago

          If the extension is .zip, Zip Viewer should show up. The file must be PKZIP compliant. 7zip or similar formats are not supported.

  36. Udo Krüger 4 years ago


    I tried to open Zip files which are attached to an E-mail using the iOS mail app. I tapped on the attachment and a new window appears showing name and size of the Zip file. But nothing happened when tapping on the share symbol. The same behaviour occurred when using the Telekom mail app.

    iPhone 6
    iOS 8.4.1
    All apps updated

    Best regards

  37. MG 4 years ago

    I was able to open my “password protected” zip file from Google drive, which is great! The issue is that my zip file contains another “password protected” zip file and there was no way to open that up. Does this mean that this app only opens one level of zip and not multiple levels of zip files?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      You cannot open zip in zip yet. A workaround would be send the included zip via email to yourself and open it again in zip viewer. Will consider this in future updates.

      • MG 4 years ago

        I tried your workaround. I unzipped the parent zip file and saved the child zip file to google drive. Once the upload to google drive was complete, I tried to unzip the zip file and it failed with error : “Possibly not a zip file”!

        So either the parent password protected file’s unzip was errornous or some weird issue with the child file’s unzip. The second unzip didn’t even ask me for the password. Just threw the error.

        • oliko 4 years ago

          This error message appears in case the file was not detected as zip. The file must be PKZIP complient. An AES encrypted file does not work.

  38. Copper 4 years ago

    successful download of 2 zipped files of MP3 music. How can I move them to or access them from another app?

    • oliko 4 years ago

      touch on the file to start playing. Then in the lower left corner is the share button to send the file to other apps on your device.

  39. John B 4 years ago

    zipviewer does not show up when I tap and hold a zip file attachment in my email. I cannot figure out how to use it now. It used to work with no problem on my iPhone and iPad now neither works.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Should work as before. Can’t figure this on my device. May be a reboot of your iPhone or reinstall the app will solve the issue.

  40. Dane Wayne 5 years ago

    ios 8.1

    Your app does not offer viewing of .mov files zipped from camera roll.

    When Zip file of two or more .mov files is opened in your app and the file is touched to view, all that happens is your app crashes.

    • oliko 5 years ago

      I did the same with two .mov files but could not reproduce the issue. I was using an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.3. (see screen cast)
      Have you considered an upgrade to the latest iOS version. Maybe that would solve.
      How big is the file size?

  41. João Lima 5 years ago

    Hi, congratulations for the great Work in this app! It is simple the best! Allow me to see photos inside zip files in fullscreen mode, without extracting then! Absolutelly perfect! The fullscreen is perfect,clean and fluid.
    The only concern is That there arent a system to tag the zip files or group then in folders… Ex: folder e-mail (zip from e-mail), folder A (Zips from site A), etc
    “This file i already saw, That one didnt”
    Maybe we wait for something like That in future updates?

    • oliko 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. Will consider this in a future update.

  42. Raymon de boden 5 years ago


  43. Adel 5 years ago

    i could not open zipped Rar file in my email, I do not if application is capable of doing so and how

    • oliko 5 years ago

      Unfortunately, rar file format is not supported. Only PKWARE compliant zip archives.

  44. Sam Habiel 5 years ago

    Herr Koehler,

    I am a user of the pro version of the zip viewer. Thank you for a good product. Many of the zips I open have embedded zips. I can’t recursively open them. Does the app provide such an ability; and, if not, is this feature planned in a future release?

    Thank you in advance.

    • oliko 5 years ago


      Thanks for using Zip Viewer Pro.

      Unfortunately, Zip in Zip is not supported yet, but I will put it on my feature list for a future release.

      Kind regards,

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