FileNotes is easy to use and in general self-explaining. The following steps explain quickly how to use FileNotes.

Open file from e-mail

  1. Touch on the attachment in the e-mail until Open in dialog appears. After the open in dialog appears, choose FileNotes to import the file.
  2. Choose FileNotes in Open in dialog
  3. After the Open in dialog appeared, choose FileNotes to import the file.

Open file from iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other storage providers

  1. Touch the ⊕ button in the bottom toolbar on the file list and choose “Import File”.
  2. Choose the storage location.
  3. In the appeared dialog find the file to import.

Compose a new note

  1. Touch on the ⊕ button and choose “Compose New Note”.
  2. A new file is added with creation date and location coded in html.
  3. Touch on the file to add your notes.

Scan paper notes

  1. Touch on the ⊕ button and choose “Capture Image as PDF”.
  2. A camera controller is switched on to take a photo. Border detection helps you to select the intended area.
  3. Take the photo to save scan as PDF.

Record audio notes

  1. Touch on the ⊕ button and choose “Record Audio File”.
  2. A audio recording controller is turned on.
  3. Record the audio and push Done.
  4. A new audio file is added to your file list.

Find your imported files in the app’s file list

All imported file are shown in the file list. From here you can add notes to the respective file or open it for preview.

Organize your Files

  1. Push the Organize button on the bottom toolbar to open the Groups screen.
  2. Push ⊕ to add a new group.
  3. With the Edit butte you can change the name or delete the group.
  4. To move files to a group, select the file(s) by pushing edit in the file list view. Push the group button and choose the respective group.
  5. File can only be in one group at the same time.
  6. Deletion of groups does not delete the files.

Add/Edit notes

Touch on the file name to see the corresponding note and start editing

Preview your files

Touch the rounded button with „i“ inside to preview the selected file

Adding notes while previewing

Touch on the Notes button to add notes in preview mode



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