If you are currently using the free version of Zip Viewer and want to switch to the Pro version, your files can easily be migrated via iTunes on you computer.

1. Download all files on your computer

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your mac (better via USB) and open iTunes. Both versions free and pro need to be installed on your device.

Go to the iTunes file sharing section (select your device in iTunes).

Click on the free version and download (save as) the folder “workbooks”, which should have appeared in the box documents on “Zip Viewer” on you computer.

migrate to zip viewer pro 1

2. Upload to Zip Viewer Pro

Click on the pro version and push the button Add, choose the (beforehand downloaded) “workbooks” folder.

migrate to zip viewer pro 2

Important: choose “replace”, when the dialog appears.

migrate 3

Restart the pro app and the files should appear as in the free version.

Note: If you have already files in the pro version this procedure will delete them.

Tip: If you want to merge files for free and pro, do this on your computer before uploading. But, keep the sub-folders in “workbooks”, otherwise the app might not be working properly.


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  1. kailovedesign 1 year ago

    Please tell me how I can get my files from the free version!! This is a nightmare! I’ve been using the free version for a long time and need the zip files! How can I when you can no longer manage apps via iTunes??

    • Author
      oliko 1 year ago

      I just tried it and it was still working. Was using iTunes on High Sierra. See the screen shot.
      screen shot

  2. kailovedesign 1 year ago

    I’m trying to do this but it seems that Apple has removed the ability to work with apps in iTunes. Is there any other way?


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