Easily create zip files with you iPhone or iPad. Import your files in zip2mail and create zip archives immediately. All kind of files. Import directly from Dropbox or your Photo Library. Created zip archives can be sent via email or to other apps, which support working with zip files.

For questions or other thoughts just leave a comment at page bottom.

Import files from other apps

You can import any kind of files from any app that support files sharing. To open a file from your email just long touch on the icon in your email and then choose zip2mail from the popup menu.

Import from Photo Library or Dropbox or take photos with the camera

Push the respective button on the bottom bar of the inbox page to import photos, videos or other files directly. 

Create zip archive

Push the >zip< button on the bottom bar of the inbox page, enter a name and voila – you have created a zip archive from all files in the inbox.

Share the zip archive

Once you have created a zip archive, you can send it via email or an other app.




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  1. Kris 4 years ago


  2. Eric 4 years ago

    When I try and send the video file it says it’s over 100 mb and needs to be sent over wifi. I have it on wifi and it gives same message over and over again!

    • oliko 4 years ago

      This is controlled by iOS. Might be a bandwidth issue?

  3. Peggy Duncan 5 years ago

    How do I gather multiple files at once? Don’t want to add one then repeat to add more.

    • oliko 5 years ago

      This is not yet supported. Will consider in next version. Thanks Oliver

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Update to the lastet version. It’s supported now.

  4. Juan Carlos Mora Soriano 5 years ago

    me podrían indicar como enviar por Zip un vídeo desde mi iPad.


    • oliko 5 years ago

      Not sure if I understood correctly, but importing a video from the photo library is not yet supported. However, video files can be pushed from other apps that support file sharing to zip2mail, then zipped and send via email.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Import of videos from camera roll is now supported. Just upgrade to the latest version on the App Store.

    • oliko 4 years ago

      Video Import is now supported. Please update to 1.8


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